October 9, 2010

The people have said it’s enough.

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A text from the general strike in Barcelona, end of September 2010

The authorities affirm that it was an anti-system group, youth with a squatter asthetic.

But no. We were us…

This us that the police vans chased hysterically for hours in the city without being able to find us. This us that applaud when the windows of Corte Ingles (a major shopping center chain in Spain) were smashed.

This us that took up the word in the first assembly held in the expropriated bank in Catalunya Square, saying: “I am almost fifty years old. I have been on strike for almost four years, after having worked my whole life. I am desperate but this occupation has returned the smile to my face.”

In the democratic dictatorship everything can be said without serving any purpose.

Yes, certainly. But in the tallest building in the city an enormous banner proclaims, “The banks choke us, the employers exploit us, the politicians lie to us, CCOO and UGT sell us out…fuck off.” Its an unbearable truth for the powers that be.

Because, moreover, the people came in larger and larger numbers. There were no flags nor facile slogans that no one believes. The discourse of the left was left behind. Those with precarious lives took up the word, therefore showing all the despair, and also the immense will to invent new ways to resist together. To escape this prison that has become life. “Fuck off” was a cry of rage. But gradually this cry was organized, expanded, and become enrichened….thousands of voices had their own voice.

According to the Franco dictatorship whatever public order conflict that occured was always caused by a minority, and the manner of disqualification consisted of saying that it was a matter of the “students.” A student was synonymous with being lazy. Now the democratic dictatorship insists, as always, in terming us as a minority, even though in this case it is also by calling us vandals and hooligans. They don’t want to know that this minority-that “we” who rebels against this reality-is what makes history. The Franco dictartorship fell (partially). We also know that, sooner or later, this system of oppression and misery will be as drilled through as swiss cheese. Because thousands of people are coming up with thousands of outlets.

And it will fall.

They have the day. We have the night. They cannot identify us and they will never know who we are. For this we are not so afraid.

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