October 30, 2010

First round: It continues!

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For more than three weeks, a high scaled social movement is underway in the country. Pension reform has been it’s starting point.

We are well aware that everything is being done to make the weapon of striking less effective. The state uses the tools of law – legal obstacles and requisitions. and on the other hand, the atomization and segmentation resulting from the last thirty years of re-structuring of capital tends to neutralize the destructive capacity of the strike. The days of mass protest, to their limited effects, had the main interest of the base finding it’s legitimacy to grow and go beyond the framework imposed by the unions.

It is through the blockading, especially in strategic points of the petro-chemical and transportation sectors, that the movement gave itself the means to intensify the power struggle, despite attempts by the government and media to separate “good strikers” from blockaders, as they have done for a long time between demonstrators and rioters. But it is the very distinction between who has the legitimacy to fight and who doesn’t which is necessary to break. Thus, it was the high schoolers, who, landing with a crash into the movement, practiced blockades of establishments or major roads, as well as riots to express anger against the state and commodities.

For all those who believe that reform is only part of a general deterioration of our living conditions; for all those who may not have direct means of blocking production but have refused to resign;

For those who think it is necessary to go beyond the categorical separations maintained by capital; For all these, the practice of flying picket [1] can be effective. Re-inforce existing blockades as well as create new ones where we consider it useful; but also as a way to gather together to coordinate and organize.

If unions in agreement with the government and the media, seem now whistle the end of the game, the movement nevertheless continues. Diffuse and persistent anger suggests the opposite of what they advertise: Not the end of the struggle but the beginning of their end! We will find ourselves in a meeting to discuss the following movement.

Paris: Go to the Porte St Martin (M ° Strasbourg-St Denis) for a procession in protest under the banner “Strike, lock, riot – every age loots their cage!”

Thursday 19h, the CICP, 21ter rue Voltaire, Madame Rue balls. Friday 19h to IPC, 17 Quai de Charente, M ° Corentin Cariou. The next appointments will be announced on the title “First round: it continues!”


[1] (translators note: a flying picket is a technique which has been used throughout France but particularly in Rennes-it is the practice of small groups who scatter throughout the city and block activities, transport, general circulation. These groups have been reported to be a mixed-make up of particpants, such as unemployed with unionist, ect)


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