March 11, 2011

What doesn ́t fit, will be made fit!

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Assessment of the files about the “militant campaign against G8” – (file number 2 BJs 10/06-2) – October 2007

129a – G8 2007 – PDF

About some investigations for “terrorist association” in Germany…

This is an analysis done based on the thousands of files produced by repressive authorities while investigating some militant actions (mostly arson attacks) happened mostly between Berlin and Hamburg in the last years, which they relate to the “Militant Campaign against the G8 Meeting 2007 in Germany”, a campaign called on from some clandestine groups in 2005 (there is an extensive documentation on this both in english as in german language on the web).

They tried again for the second time to criminalize a book, “Autonome in Bewegung” (“Autonomen in movement”), which is an extensive report, written from different authors, which offers an overview about the first 23 years of activity of the “Autonomen” in Germany.

They considered it to be the “bible of the militant autonomen” (ndt: militant in the german context stays for a confrontative, pro-direct action attitude, not to be confused with the use done in other countries where it stands for affiliate to a party, political organization or for a self-sacrificing attitude) a mean of indoctrination for recruiting new militants.

Moreover, they tried to give an answers not only to recent attacks, but they began from 1987 and try to use this as a jolly for their lack of proofs in regard to some attacks happened in the last 20 years.

Such investigation lead to the raids happened on the 9th of May 2007 in several cities, a clear attempt to intimidate and criminalise the resistance shortly before the beginning of the G8 meeting, nothing new indeed.

Already on the same night, several thousands people took the streets for spontaneous demonstrations in solidarity, its highlights being the over 5000 people in Berlin and 3000 in Hamburg, direct actions did not slow down at all despite the repressive clima. The investigation itself had been all in all an hole in the water for the authorities, neverthless it allowed them to spy on several hundred people active in the autonomous, anarchist and left radical scene, using technological devices, placing cameras in front of apartments, bugs, gps-system on cars, organising follow-ups, which meant for them a possibility to acquire tons of information on private and political life of many.

Surely, one does also not known how much of this apparatus is still at work: by now (ocotber 2008), the official investigation cessated, but one should assume that a certain apparatus has not been dismantled yet…

…and our reasons for translating it…

Why do we reputed to take the effort to spend our time in doing such a translation, in regard to the aforementioned comments about the nature of this text? For different reasons.

Firstly, it seems to us the first time since many years that people take their time to produce an analysis based on the files originated by a police investigation about a “terrorist association” (we are not actually aware of such an attempt recently in other countries, but surely we might be totally wrong also! tell us if you are aware of similar projects).

Most of us too often do ignore how “their” (referred to the cops one) world and “their” way of thinking is working in reality, we do often not know enough about our enemies, about how they work and consenquently build up their theoremas.

Knowledge it is strength, therefore we wanted to arm all the interested people with a tool which might make a bit of light about how certain things work: say, about how the police and repressive authorities organise their investigation, their measures of control and surveillance against us, what do they repute “of interest”, relevant for their aims and what not, presenting newly created and creative concepts such as “contact-person” and many other things which you will read in the text.

Secondly, to offer a possibility to people from other countries to see how german police work, since they are one of the most advanced-ones, running around Europe training other police corpses (such as it has been in Spain or in Greece), sharing their techniques with their collegues: we do not stay still and we also do want to share with you all such analysis, hoping that you can make a good use of such informations in your countries, surely considering the different political situation in each of the latters.

Thirdly, to show in its fullness the stupidity of such a theorema as the one produced about the “militant campaign against the G8”, where authorities, lost in the darkness of lack of any proof to send people down, played the old game of looking for some “known elderlies” of the autonomous, anarchist, left radical scene, in order to put them on the throne of subversion, give them the role of master of puppets, and define them as the leaders – as well as the material authors – of the militant actions of the last 20 years! Not bad one could say!

Surely, the authorities, with their limited (it could not be different!) mindset can not understand that such people like us try to organise in a non-hierarchical way, which means we recognize no bosses or “master of puppets” in our circles. But then again it is clear that they need to act in this way, since such operations do not let themselves be plotted in other ways.

It is normal that they will never understand that our resistance, various as it might be, does not let herself be inscribed within the terms of the usual old-style leninist way of organizing. As it is clear that such an attempt to criminalize us, stop us, intimidating us and sending us down will always be there as long as our resistance will be.

One does not have to get scared , that is a part of the game in the ever-going try to subvert capitalist relationships, one has to confront it and get ready rather then demoralized and in fear. We are among the ones who get ready, as hopefully You also, reader.

Solidarious greetings to all the ones met by repression, in fight for a world free from capitalism and State!

Some spare-time translators in struggle, beginning of October 2008

p.s. – n.1: We are spare-time translators, neither professional layouters (if you feel you want to make a nice layout we can just be happy of such idea:), nor we did studied in Oxford english language, we hope the english used here is accessible and understandable for everyone…

p.s. – n.2: You will notice that the footnotes have a break inbetween them (from footnote 45 one will jump to 65): this has to do with the fact that different people translated the text and that some footnotes have been considered as uninteresting. However, since we couldn’t be bothered to manually change the numbering again, the break remained…

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